Other Cleaning Tips


Press half a lemon in your scouring water for a lovely fragrance.

Window cleanser

Pour a little 12-percent vinegar essence and hand dishwashing liquid into the water that will be used to clean windows.

Vacuuming children's rooms

Place a nylon stocking over the hose when vacuuming among small Lego pieces and other small toys.

Practical clothing

Purchase a carpenter's belt and use its pockets to carry spray bottles and damp and dry microfiber cloths, and to place rubbish, flower leaves, etc.

Plastic wrap to prevent dust build up

Place plastic wrap on the top kitchen cabinets. The wrap only needs to be changed four times a year.

Color codes

Purchase miracle cloths for the entire home; for example, yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom and green for the living room and bedrooms.


Attractive baskets and boxes for storage. It is much easier to clean if small items are collected in one spot.