Window Cleaning Tips

Taking care of windows.

Wipe off the heaviest dirt from your windows frequently. Doing so will make heavy window cleaning less frequently necessary.

Cleaning windows with a microfiber cloth.

Clean the outside of windows before cleaning the inside. Start by removing the heaviest dirt from the glass and the window frames with a cloth and warm water or use a garden hose to spray the windows. Then use a Smart microfiber window cloth to wipe and polish the window. A spray bottle can also be used to spray water on the surface to be cleaned before it is polished with a window cloth.

Use the Smart microfiber window washer to reach inaccessible areas. The window washer has a 3-piece telescopic pole, a bendable adapter and an adjustable squeegee.

Using the Smart window washer.

For high-up and hard to reach windows, use the Smart microfiber window washer which has a 3-piece telescopic pole with a full length of 135 cm, a bendable angle adapter to clean hard to reach areas, an efficient microfiber fur for cleaning and an adjustable squeegee for drying glass. Make sure that the squeegee is not dry when used as a dry squeegee may leave streaks on the window. For better results, wipe off excess water from the squeegee after every swipe. Refills for squeegees and microfiber fur are available.