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Smart Fiber Duster HeadCan I use cleaners with my microfiber products or do they only work with water?

Reply: It is fine to use cleaners, but since microfiber works just as well with water alone, this is what we recommend. Many times when cleaning you want to leave a nice fragrance. In this case we recommend that you add a small amount of environmentally friendly cleaner. Do not, however, use chlorine. Please note that a cloth with cleaner residue in the fibers is not good for cleaning windows and mirrors, so we suggest that you have different cloths for different purposes.

My microfiber cloth left some lint behind when I starting using it. Why is this?

Reply: New textiles often have some loose fibers left in the material from production. Washing or boiling the cloth for 5-10 minutes will remove the lint from the cloth.

How long will my microfiber cloth last?

Reply: It all depends on how much and on what you use it, for daily professional cleaning or once a week in your household. Smart is known for its durability, and if the cloth is used 1-2 times a week in your household, we guarantee that it will last for at least 3 years. Please note that even if our cloths can be washed in 90°C (HOT), it usually suffices to wash them in lower temperatures such as 40°C, which of course benefits the durability of the cloth and the environment.

Microfiber Quick and EasyIs it really possible to clean properly without using chemicals?

Reply: Smart has laboratory tested all its products over several years, and results show that surfaces get at least as clean and sometimes cleaner when using a Smart microfiber cloth and water alone. A known fact is that chemicals are easily over-used, resulting in a chemical residue being left behind on the cleaned surface. This chemical residue creates an unhealthy home environment. If you prefer to use chemicals for some areas nevertheless, we recommend an environmentally friendly cleaner.