About Microfibers

One gram of microfiber equals 42,000 meters of fiber thread!”

Microfiber Quick and Easy

Smart microfiber offers unique benefits. The material base is polyester and polyamide which makes the textile durable and long lasting. The special split of the Smart fibers makes removing dirt easy as well as makes the material extremely absorbent. The thousands of fibers in the material create millions of tiny hooks and loops that cut through dirt, grime and grease. Dirt and liquid are trapped in the millions of tiny compartments within the material. The function is similar to the process of a tree transferring water from its roots to the top (capillary effect). The combination of polyester and polyamide also gives the material a static effect when used dry, enabling dust and dirt to be trapped and picked up. The split fiber is so tiny that 1 gram equals 42,000 meters of tread.