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Smart Microfiber 3x1 Mop

Smart Microfiber 3x1 Mop
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Microfiber Wet & Dry Mop with patented built-in squeegee for wet areas and a scrubber for grout. Removable and washable Microfiber pad cleans effectively wet or dry. Attaches with velcro. Use dry for dusting and polishing. Safely removes pollen and dust mites pet hair and dust bunnies with static effect. Recommended for allergy sufferers.Damp: Wring out in warm water or use a spray bottle to dampen. Cleans and polishes the surface without leaving streaks and smudges. No chemicals needed! Works on ALL kinds of floors.Recommended for Hardwood or any water or chemically sensitive surface. Great for walls, baseboards, ceilings etc. Machine wash hundreds of times with no loss of cleaning effect. Telescopic Steel handle extends from 36" to 62" . Mop base size: 14.5" W x 4.5"H ( Trapezoid shape ). Mop Pad size: 17"W x5"H

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